Turkey's market leader

Vehicle Security Systems

What AsTeknoloji provides is a smart and comprehensive solution to optimize fleet, driver performance and productivity as well as safety. This solution has revolutionized the way commercial fleet companies run their business through real-time fleet management with the cloud-based platform.

In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems

Our infotainment solutions offer passengers unlimited multimedia with HD movies, curated music, FM radio, satellite TV and internet as well as useful information such as route map, estimated time of arrival, station announcement, weather and tourist guides.

Stadium Projects

What AsTeknoloji offers is an innovative business model that brings the greatest value to our customers, increasing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction as well as company profits through an interactive media and advertising platform.

We are the Pioneers of Firsts in the IT Sector

According to the 2017 data of the “Bilisim 500” Research Company, we are among the top 500 IT Companies.

Cloud Control Center

System Diagnostics

The bus operator can learn the instant location of each vehicle and the status of the Server, hub and monitor in the vehicle.


It provides extra income by showing appropriate advertisements according to the passenger's preference.


A survey is created to learn about customer satisfaction and can improve service quality.

Movie-Ad Update

Movies or commercials can be downloaded and updated directly.