Turkey's Market Leader

AsTeknoloji has risen to the position of Turkey's market leader by making fleet and individual sales in more than 3000 buses, more than 70 companies in less than 5 years with its R&D studies.

Bus Solution

With the AsTeknoloji public transportation solution, your entire journey is secure, and the entire fleet is viewed and managed from a single center. With the cameras, the interior and the front road are recorded as long as the vehicle is running. There are panic buttons that send direct information to the center for possible emergencies. Piracy, extortion, theft, injury, murder, etc. criminal offenses are prevented. Driving safety is ensured.

Renewed route information is transmitted from the center to the vehicles. Drivers are prevented from leaving the designated route. Passengers are informed about the journey and stops by audio and video.

Student Service Solution

With the AsTeknoloji student service solution, all students are safe, and the entire fleet can be viewed and managed from a single center. The interior and front road are recorded with cameras. Piracy, extortion, theft, injury, murder, etc. criminal offenses and forgetting students in the vehicle are prevented.

Thanks to the mobile application, the driver cannot leave the specified route. With the face recognition camera and card reading system, students are informed of their instant location. Parents do not wait for their children for a long time at the stops. With the passenger counting camera, the vehicle is prevented from taking more students than its capacity. Thanks to the control button located at the back of the vehicle, the driver physically confirms that all students have descended. The student who fell asleep in the vehicle is not forgotten. The driver is prevented from smoking, talking, napping or using a mobile phone.

Driver Analysis & Support Solution

Our AI-powered fleet vehicle cameras and mobile DVRs constantly analyze road conditions and driver performance to detect potential hazards and distractions. While in-cab notifications warn the driver of dangers ahead or in their behavior, an office-based fleet manager can monitor both real-time and historically from the Mobilbil Central monitoring platform evidence center.

We have a range of intelligent video telematics solutions using advanced AI algorithms that are proven to improve driver performance and ultimately save lives. Whatever your fleet size, type and operation, we have an AI-powered dashcam and security system for you.

Infotainment Solutions

Travels become enjoyable with As Teknoloji’s seat-back entertainment and information systems. Rich content is available to passengers (popular movies, TV shows, news, documentaries). Thanks to increased customer satisfaction, more passengers will prefer you, which means increased revenue.

Contents are made easily and quickly via Wi-Fi or GSM operator. It is a time and resource saving advantage for managers. It is possible to earn additional income by playing ads. These industrial products are certified under harsh road conditions. It is also easily used in buses, shuttles, taxis, ferries, trains and stadiums.

Stadium Solutions

In sports stadiums in Europe, new technologies are emerging with the promise of delivering a more immersive fan experience “similar to the multi-screen viewing experience fans can get at home” We call it “competition with the sofa”. We provide fans with extra applications such as tracking scores, statistics and analysis, watching important position replays, interacting with athletes, and ordering food and drinks.